Better Satellite Imagery for Better Decisions

GDA has built and refined systems for large scale image processing and delivery, with advanced calibration and image sharpening techniques.

As any experienced scientist knows, your output is only as good as your input. Satellite imagery can be a great tool for crop monitoring and analysis as long as it show up on time, is properly calibrated, an is of sufficient resolution. GDA uses sophisticated processing methods to quickly deliver top quality imagery products with customer impact.

Better Analysis for Better Insights

There’s a reason that GDA has been the only third-party provider of objective yield predictions to USDA-FAS for the last 10 years on a global basis.

Satellite imagery is more than just a pretty picture. When used correctly, the underlying data can provide tremendous intelligence into crop condition, progress, acreage, and yield potential. GDA’s sophisticated analysis, including our hallmark Crop Type NDVI, turns raw remote sensing data into unique crop intelligence that gives customers a competitive advantage.

Helping Our Customers Be Better

GDA provides imagery products and crop specific analyses that are unparalleled in the industry. And we do it on a global basis.

The remote sensing space is getting crowded. We think the things that set us apart also set our customers apart:

  • More than 15 years of technical experience and validation: GDA has been developing, testing, and refining systems and analysis for years with a heavy focus on scientific and technical integrity.
  • Unique products based on sophisticated science: GDA Regional Imagery Mosaics and Crop Type NDVI provide customers with unparalleled capabilities.
  • Global focus and scaled solutions: GDA has been monitoring crops on a global basis for years. We have the historical data sets and systems in place to handle large scale global imagery and field-to-country analysis.

About GDA Corp.

Geospatial Data Analysis Corporation. Founded 2002. At our core, we are a satellite image analysis company. We don’t make satellite data, but we do make satellite data work for you. Our focus is on automated processing of massive amounts of satellite data, agile algorithm development, and applied agricultural analysis. Science-driven, real-world applicability. Contact us to see how we can help with your imagery and applied agricultural analysis needs today.