Imagery Products

In order to support our imagery analysis services and advanced crop intelligence offerings, GDA has developed robust, sophisticated methods for large-scale image processing, management, and delivery.

GDA offers several imagery products to clients that want to do their own analysis but do not want to invest in sophisticated systems to collect, process, and manage imagery themselves.


FieldSnap™ Imagery for Precision Ag Applications

FieldSnap™ is an automated delivery program for optical Sentinel/Landsat class imagery clipped to your Areas of Interest (AOIs), available on a global basis. FieldSnap will automatically collect, calibrate, screen for cloud cover and deliver all available Landsat/Sentinel imagery for each AOI you identify, within hours of availability.

FieldSnap™ is available in two packages:

  • Season Long: This product provides a low maintenance, cost effective option to build regular satellite imagery into broader precision ag software or crop monitoring solutions. Once a few basic image delivery details are worked out and you enroll AOIs, you can focus on your full offering, or crop monitoring, and leave the rest up to GDA. Every time an image meeting your specs is available, it will be clipped to your AOIs and delivered.
  • On Request: Purchase an allotment of image area, and order imagery as you need it. Upload an AOI and enter an image date, and we’ll deliver the best image for that date. You can continue to order imagery as long as you have allotment available.

FieldSnap™ is an ideal low-cost solution for customers that want to use imagery on a field-by-field basis:

  • Farm management platforms looking to include satellite imagery as a scouting aid.
  • Ag retailers wanting to monitor customer crops.
  • Crop insurance companies that need to monitor the condition of insured fields.
  • Crop grower associations

FieldSnap™ provides high quality imagery at prices well below commercial satellite imagery, and without the hassle of doing your own collection and processing.

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GeoChronicles™ for Regional & Global Analysis

GeoChronicles™ is an image composite product covering all major agricultural areas of the world – on a 10 meter pixel size, updated every 10 days. It provides a consistent, precisely calibrated, time-series image dataset suitable for regional and/or temporal analysis.

GeoChronicles™ provide analysts with enhanced capabilities to monitor, analyze, and understand conditions on the ground. GeoChronicles™ supports land cover and crop type monitoring, mapping and remapping efforts, change analysis, and acreage assessments. It is the perfect product for companies looking to do in-house analysis without the hassles of a “back-office” collecting and managing suitable imagery, such as:

  • Commodity traders that want to build proprietary crop condition monitoring platforms.
  • Physical grain buyers and sellers that want to monitor regional conditions.
  • Insurance and re-insurance companies that need to anticipate risk at a regional or country level.


GDA GeoChronicles™ – 10 day / 10 meter composites of analysis-ready satellite imagery. 
Live, nearly global coverages updated in near-real time with additional regions to be covered this year!


GeoChronicles™ is a unique offering in the market, providing quality imagery for regional analysis at attractive pricing.

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