GeoSynergy® webGIS Service

GDA GeoSynergy® webGIS service is a new interactive service to monitor and analyze global land cover, crops, and weather to improve decision making. GeoSynergy® offers a state-of-the-art, transparent source of reliable, detailed, historical and most current source of agricultural and land cover relevant spatial and statistical data for visualization, analysis, collaboration, and decision making.

Commodity trading, farm operations, logistics planning, resource management and agriculture enterprise companies are always looking for an edge, relating to the latest agricultural intelligence available, to assist them in making complex decisions every day. The only solutions available to date are public sources that lack the timeliness and ease of use required and private sources that are high cost and allow little to no analysis or custom visualization capabilities.

GeoSynergy® changes the dynamic of the market place by offering the ultimate in user flexibility in the manipulation and analysis of intelligence data, all in a cost effective interactive platform. GeoSynergy® is available to any user with an internet connection and a modern browser. No software downloads are required allowing for true 24/7 access anywhere in the world.

GeoSynergy® provides access to real-time and historical full resolution imagery from moderate, medium, and high resolution satellite sensors. Offerings include MODIS Terra and Aqua imagery, MODIS NDVI, Landsat 5/7/8, P6-AWiFS, and more. Imagery is daily updated and is provided in a true GIS format. All medium resolution imagery is calibrated and contains all multi-spectral bands. Imagery can be mosaiced and analyzed on the site and used in an on-line web mapping.

The site contains GDA analytical products, including (among others) GDA generated land cover and crop maps, crop condition maps, as well as capabilities for monitoring, interactive charting, and analysis of crop progress, condition, yield, acreage, and weather. GeoSynergy® also offers maps depicting global crop statistics at national and sub-national levels, in-season crop progress and crop condition maps, land cover and crop type maps, real-time and historical satellite and WMO based weather maps.

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View Full Resolution, NRT and Historical MODIS Terra and MODIS Aqua Data

  • Daily MODIS Imagery
  • Daily and Weekly Composited MODIS NDVI data
  • Weekly Composited MODIS NDVI Anomaly data

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Select Landsat Imagery

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Analyze Most Recent and Historical Medium Resolution, Landsat and Landsat-class Imagery

  • Available in Full Resolution with All Multispectral Bands
  • Imagery is Orthorectified and TOA or Surface Reflectance Calibrated
  • Generate Virtual Mosaics. Mix and Mash Imagery Datasets
  • Mask Imagery by Land Cover Class(es)
  • Analyze Image Spectral Properties
  • Map Crops, Land Cover and Features of Interest in Real Time
  • Generate Statistics

An Example of Virtual Mosaicing of Full Resolution, Orthorectified and Surface Reflectance Calibrated Landsat-class Imagery for Multiple Dates and Footprints


An example of live, real time web mapping and acreage estimation of 2013 Winter Wheat in Kansas counties (USA)

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An Example of Rapid, In-Season, Field Level Crop Mapping and Acreage Estimation (2012-13 season / Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay)


Review Global and National Crop Statistics

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Review Crop Conditions, Crop Progress and Weather

Forecast Yields

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Work with Our In-Season Crop Maps

GDA 2013 USA crops

Select, Review, and Analyze Global and Regional Land Cover Maps

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Review Global and Regional Weather Conditions