Imagery with Impact

Weekly images for scouting intelligence integrated into a software platform

We were approached by a digital ag software company providing precision crop management tools to ag retailers and farms on a global basis. They have enabled 3rd party imagery services on their platform through various collaborations and structures in the past, but image quality, frequency, delivery at scale, and cost were always challenges. Via a Season-long subscription to FieldSnapTM, GDA is providing a robust solution, with automated calibration and delivery of Sentinel class imagery into their system under a workable structure and price.



Sharpened imagery with Cloud ID for commodity modeling

A large commodity trading company was having a difficult time getting the visibility they wanted on production of a specific commodity in a particular region. Via our On-request capability in GeoChroniclesTM, we provide our client with automated, frequent time series of images from numerous sources all sharpened to 10m with cloud identification as an improved input into their proprietary modelling platform.




Advanced Crop Analysis

Crop Type NDVI

A customer needed to get accurate information on the condition and yield potential of sorghum in a major producing region of Australia. Because of local crop calendar and crop combination, a typical cropland NDVI value does not provide good precision for sorghum analysis.  Using our unique approach to developing Crop Type NDVI, we were able to provide precise in-season and historical analysis of sorghum condition and yield potential for the client. While our crop specific approach is particularly valuable in a unique scenario like this, it adds precision to crop analysis in any growing region and for any crop.



Global Scale Yield Potential

One of our clients, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service continuously monitors multiple crops on a global basis and provides agricultural intelligence for the US government. In 2005 they were looking for an objective third party provider to do some independent analysis as a cross check to their methods and results. For the last 12 years, GDA has been this provider. Using our expertise in image processing, image analysis, and crop type identification, we conduct crop condition and yield prediction analysis for USDA-FAS on about 15 crops in all major producing countries.