CropSignal® Analytical web Service

GDA CropSignal® ( is an operational, interactive agricultural intelligence web service for the analysis of global national and sub-national crop statistics and crop relevant data, crop condition assessment, and yield forecasting.

CropSignal® provides a wealth of industry-specific knowledge from an unprecedented combination of global crop statistics and crop-relevant data from a multitude of most credible sources available in one easy to use, online application. CropSignal® growing datasets cover national and various sub-national levels. Built for professionals involved in crop analysis, commodity trading, farm operations, agriculture logistics, resource planning, finance and insurance, CropSignal® combines public, private and proprietary agricultural information into one interactive and customizable user interface. CropSignal® crop datasets include crop statistics, crop progress, and crop condition along with weather and multitude of other crop relevant data.

CropSignal® offers 24/7 access to interactive reports, including a rich array of charts, tables, and maps; simple, at-a-glance personalized dashboard views of data that are not only interactive but also automatically updated; customizable data update alerts to ensure 24/7 crop intelligence monitoring; RSS feeds; access to external web pages via CropSignal®; and much more.

CropSignal® features state-of-the-art analytical tools and a highly interactive environment for the easiest data analysis. CropSignal® powerful query, filtering and visualization tools allow users to personalize the data and perform high-level analysis.

CropSignal® offers:

  • Interactive reports, including an array of charts, tables, and maps.
  • Simple, at-a-glance personalized dashboard views of data that are not only interactive, but also automatically kept updated.
  • Customizable data update alerts to ensure 24/7 crop intelligence monitoring.
  • Yield Forecast Tools.
  • RSS feeds.
  • Access to external web pages via CropSignal®.

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CropSignal® offers access to the richest global crop statistics and crop relevant database operationally available.

  • Analyze national crop data for comparison between countries/global regions
  • —Analyze data at a sub-national level for a particular country
  • —Perform Seasonal Analysis by using sub-annual (weekly) data on crop conditions, progress, weather, yields, etc
  • Review Crop Trade Statistics from origin countries to destination countries

CropSignal® users can generate a multitude of interactive widgets and save them to the dashboards. The dashboard may contain reports, tables, charts, and maps as well as RSS feeds and weblinks. CropSignal® keeps the data on dashboards current, thus allowing users to always view the most recent data from GDA and external sources.



CropSignal® yield forecasts provide a crop type specific end-of-season yield forecast per administrative unit for the current growing season and its comparison to historical yield statistics. Forecast statistics are presented in tabular, graphic, and map forms.