Global Agricultural Crop Mapping Solutions

GDA's croGDA example image showing acreage of soybeans and cornp area maps provide crop identification and detailed location information within the specific region under analysis. Through comparisons with historic data, GDA furnishes year over year and in season change monitoring and calculates percentage change vs. the selected baseline, such as last year or last report. GDA also has the ability to identify new crop areas and crop areas that are no longer planted.

GDA’s crop area maps are compatible with all leading GIS applications. Combining the crop and location information, along with yield, acreage and the customer’s datasets, such as cost per metric ton, transportation costs or other pertinent financial or logistics information, allows for a high level decision support system that brings exceptional value to internal financial and logistics teams.

Crop area maps are available as a standalone product or in conjunction with crop monitoring and/or acreage assessment products. Frequency of crop area map delivery is based solely on the customers’ requirements and may vary from a single instance per season to monthly monitoring maps.