Global Crop Acreage Assessment

Colored view of soybean areas show which are harvested and which are notGDA’s acreage assessments take crop maps a step further by determining actual crop acreage. Through the use of high-resolution imaging and historical crop land information, GDA determines field boundaries and field acreage for each and every field within the area under evaluation. These field areas are then aggregated to provide crop-specific acreage for the desired administration level, such as county or state.

The acreage assessment product is available as a standalone product with data available in tabular form or map form, with acreage aggregated to sub-national or national administrative level.

The acreage assessment product, when purchased in conjunction with crop monitoring (crop yield and progress) and crop area mapping products, provides maximum value by offering crop-specific, location-based production data. Production data can then be aggregated in multiple ways, including on a national or regional basis to assist decision-making of internal financial teams, or within a requested area for a specific point of interest to assist internal logistic teams by increasing efficiency and saving costs. Examples may include determining the number of soybeans acres or production within a 100-mile radius of a specific POI such as processing plant or shipping point or determining the transportation costs from field to destination for a specific crop volume.

Color key for soybeans satellite image