GDA specializes in sophisticated processing and deep analysis of airborne and satellite imagery for agricultural intelligence. We are a recognized leader in the rapid processing and analysis of massive amounts of imagery for frequent, objective in-season assessments of crop conditions, progress, acreage, and yield from sub-field to country levels. GDA continually aggregates imagery from a multitude of sources enabling global cropland coverage and analysis. We work with customers to integrate quality imagery and advanced analysis from GDA into their agricultural management systems.

GDA is, at its core, a satellite image analysis company and has been focused on tough problems in image processing from its inception in 2002. GDA grew out of a long history of science-backed image processing research particularly as it relates to agricultural analysis. We have a seasoned track record of winning highly competitive Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants to develop state-of-art technology and have been a prime contractor to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service since 2005.

This heritage provided GDA with a tremendous advantage by allowing us to work with many of the leading experts in the industry and providing an environment to develop leading edge technology without the pressures of the commercial marketplace.

GDA has consistently focused our R&D on three elements:

(i) Sensor agnostic technologies

(ii) Operational, automated processing and analysis of massive amounts of satellite data through agile algorithm development

(iii) Applied agricultural analysis.

This focus allowed GDA to become one of the largest commercial processors of satellite imagery, sourced from a multitude of sensors. We deliver TBs of value-added global imagery to clients within 24 hours of imagery acquisition and perform rapid and repetitive regional analyses for clients’ global decision support systems.

Today we work with both commercial and government clients to integrate imagery into their daily operations. Our staff of GIS and Remote Sensing experts, computer scientists, and business managers provides a team-oriented, detail-driven approach to providing client solutions, leaving no stone un-turned in our quest to deliver the highest quality products and services to our clients.